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Swiss Champions!

For the first time since the inception of the team the Basel Beasts are Swiss Champions! Playing in their home tournament the Beasts needed to either beat the Toros only or beat all other competitors. In the first game against the Toros the Beasts started out strong scoring four runs. Unfortunately, the Toros had already scored five runs to best the Beasts in the first inning. After that the Toros, playing for a slim chance to steal the championship from the Beasts were too strong and defeated the Beasts. This was only the Beasts second loss all season. The Beasts had only one shot for the crown, to sweep all of the other teams – which would mean that the Beasts would have to finish out the season without a single loss to the Orcas, Truckstar, Unicorns, and Frogs – something that has never been done before.


The Beasts second game saw the Unicorns jump out early on the Beasts, 4-0. However, with great resolve the Beasts fought back in the second inning. With two outs the girls Grace, Rachel, and Selene loaded the bases. This brought up Preedee who steadfastly stroked a hard shot to CF. As the players rounded the bases Preedee turned up the speed – the result an inside the park grand slam homerun! It was the spark the team needed. From then the Beasts were on a roll. A couple innings later Don stroked a homerun over the right field cones to give the Beasts some needed breathing room. It was in the fifth inning where the Beasts really pulled away. Preedee had another extra-base hit followed by singles from Mark and Chris which scored Preedee. John walked to load the bases. That brought up Mike M. who proceeded to slam the ball over the leftfield cones with a mighty sound – the Beasts’ second grand slam of the game! Still the Beasts were only up five runs which meant that the Unicorns and their freshly stocked team of out-of-town “ringers” could tie it up in one inning. However, in the sixth inning Juan, one of our newer Beasts stepped up to the plate. He crushed a homerun that still hasn’t landed giving the Beasts the needed six run advantage to secure a one-plus inning lead (teams can only score five runs per inning). With Alex pitching like a CY Young award candidate holding the Unicorns to only 2 runs in the final six innings the Beasts won.


The Orcas failed to show and forfeited their game, which meant the Beasts had only one game standing in their way of a championship. To start the game the Beasts picked up where they left off, thumping the ball. Mark doubled and Chris mashed a homerun. John singled, Mike M. singled, and then Juan just like he did before crushed his second homerun of the day over the cones. The Beasts lead 5-0! In the third inning with two outs and Selene once again on second base the Beasts had hits from Mark, Chris, John, Mike M., a walk by Juan, and a final hit by Don and the Beasts scored another five runs in one inning – all with two outs! The top of the sixth inning saw the Beasts do it again, scoring five runs on a double by Don, a walk by Alex, a double by Grace, singles by Preedee and Mark, and a double by Chris. The score was now 16-6 and the Beasts were doing well, but with plenty of time remaining and two innings of great ball from the Frogs it could be tied! One more run was needed to ensure a victory. John hit a double setting the table for yet again Juan whose line drive single sealed the victory for the Beasts! Final score: 17-8. And, the, Beasts, were, CHAMPIONS!


This was the fifth Division I Swiss tournament for the Beasts in 2018. Throughout the year many great players contributed to the 18-2 record and of course all the fun along the way! Although not everyone played in the final games, the team wouldn’t have won the Championship without the dedication and commitment, stellar play, great personalities, competitiveness, fun loving, positive, and team-minded spirit that everyone displayed. The following Beasts (in alphabetical order) were all part of the Division I Championship team playing in at least one tournament: Alex, Ben, Chris, Don, Grace, Hermine, Jason, John, Juan, Lucas, Mark, Melissa A., Mike M., Mike Z, Noemie, Preedee, Rachel, Selene, and a few add-in players totaling 21 players in all. Wow! Thank you all for such a great year. Congratulations and, Go Beasts!


Division II write up coming soon!

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Date: 29-30 (Sat-Sun) September

Address: Piazzale 2, Giugno, n. 30 Riccione 47838 Italy

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Practice: Outdoor practices are on Thursdays at 7pm  at Bachgraben. Cancelled practices due to weather will be posted right here no later than 12pm of each practice day.

Summer Practice, Outdoors

Time: 7:00pm (19:00)

When: Thursdays (April - September)

Address: Hegenheimermattweg 150, Allschwil


Winter Practice, Indoors

Time: 8pm (20:00)

When: Wednesdays (October - March)

Address: Emanuel Bücher Strasse 45, Basel


Top left: Randy, Preedee, Mike Z., John, Mark, Gabor, Mike M.

Mid left: Lucas, Alex

Bottom left: Manuela, Selene, Migle, Noémie, Hermine

Absent: Francesco, Natascha, Allison, Chris, Nick, Vishal, Wayne, Susan, Dani