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Fall Classic, Tex Town Tigers, Enschede, NL

Once again the Beasts made their way up to the Netherlands to play a tournament. This time, the Tex Town Tigers hosted their annual Fall Classic. The Beasts entered this tournament for the first time and didn't know much about the level of competition. Furthermore, the Beasts didn't know much about their own team, as six new players joined it for the first time.


On Saturday morning, the Beasts weren't awake yet in their first game against the hosts Eastpro/Stokes. It resulted in one of the worst losses – score-wise - the Beasts ever had, 22-2. Thankfully, the team was able to react right away to beat the Dutch Dragons 16-7. It was one of the most intense games of the weekend with a lot of controversy, arguments and yelling. But hey, it's softball and it happens. The third round robin game was against Orange Crush, a team the Beasts lost to fair and square two weeks ago in Italy. This time around, it wasn't any different. The Crush won in an atmosphere-wise fun game 17-9. Those three games completed the Round Robin stage of the tournament. The Beasts were seeded 11th out of 13 teams after RR (Orange Crush and Eastpro/Stokes were tied for the 1st seed!).


In the first round of the Double Elimination, the Beasts had to face the only other Swiss team that entered this tournament, the Orcas. The game was close for the first three innings but eventually, the Beastst started to pull ahead and eventually win the game 11-6. In the next round, the Beasts had to face Orange Crush again. It was by far the most interesting game of the weekend. The Beasts were trailing the Crush for almost the whole game. In the bottom of the fourth though, the Beasts put 5 runs on the board and played an awesome defence in the next inning. To the surprise of most people the Beasts prevailed 14-13. Thanks to this win, the Beasts advanced to the Semi-finals of the winners bracket. 


The team was not recognizable on Sunday morning compared to the previous morning. The Beasts, known for usually being slow starters, busted out with 16 runs against the Dutch National Team. If those runs weren't enough, the team didn't commit any errors in the field and held DNT to only three runs (all of them solo shots). This victory meant that the Beasts would at least end up in third place. The team Danger though, who the Beasts faced next, proved to be too strong. The Beasts fell to them 17-9. The last chance for the Beasts to get into the final would have been to beat the Monsters & Villains. Unfortunately, the team didn't accomplish the impossible. Monsters & Villains won the game 17-6.


Eventhough the team lost the two last games, it can be proud of the accomplishments of the weekend. On the way to third place, they eliminated two number 1 seeds and showed the softball world that Swiss teams are playing on a high level! On that note, the Beasts want to thank all the players that joined the team for the weekend and made that accomplishment possible!


The team will next travel to Barcelona on 10/11 of November to close out the season.


On a side note: The Beasts congratulate the Swiss Toros for winning the ESSL Supercup 2018 this weekend! Way to go!

Top left: Ian, Ben, John, Chris, Alex, Mike, Jeff

Bottom left: Paul, Angie, Connie, Wouter


Summer Practice, Outdoors

Time: 7:00pm (19:00)

When: Thursdays (April - September)

Address: Hegenheimermattweg 150, Allschwil


Winter Practice, Indoors

Time: 8pm (20:00)

When: Wednesdays (October - March)

Address: Emanuel Bücher Strasse 45, Basel


Top left: Jan, Preedee, Steve, Daniel, Juan, Mark, John, Alex, Mike Z, Chris, Gabor, Ivan

Middle right: Ben, Lucas, Don

Bottom left: Othilia, Angie, Selene, Grace, Rachel, Noémie, Francesco

Ground: (Cooper), Jason