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Beasts not invincible after all

The Beasts had their first chance to win the Championship in Hünenberg on Sunday. Unfortunately, it didn't work out quite as planned for the team. The Beasts startet off the day shaky against TruckStar. Some fielding errors and unsolid hitting led to a game that could as well have gone the other way. Still, the Beasts prevailed and won 13-9. The second game against the Frogs was probably the best outing of the Beasts of the day. The Beasts went into the last inning with a 11-5 lead and already knew that they won the game (end 11-9). 

After 14 straight wins, the Beasts fell hard against their biggest rivals the Toros. Even though the Beasts collected 16 hits, only four came in to score. A lot of opportunities were given away way to cheap, so that the game resulted in a 18-4 loss. All the more pleasing was the reaction of the team in the last game against the Unicorns. The Beasts were down multiple times in the game, but always were able to come back in great fashion. In the fifth inning the Beasts were able to tie the game at 8 each with a three run shot by Alex Leemann. Then in the last inning, the Beast were down yet again by three runs. Only three batters in, the game was already tied again. A solo shot by John Williams and a two run shot by Chris Asker (his first of the year and as a Beasts) tied the game for the Beasts. In the extra innings, Mark Cortese secured the win for the Beasts with a two run inside the park homerun (blazing speed for an old guy) and by getting the final out. 

With only four more games to go in the season for the Beasts, here are the two most likely scenarios on how the Beasts can clinch the title:

  1. The Beasts beat the Toros and could at the same time loose the other three games
  2. The Beasts loose to the Toros and win all other three games


As we see, the race is still very, very close (also because the Beats don't have the second tie-breaker against the Toros). For sure the Beasts will go hard in their home tournament on August 11th and look forward to a lot of fans and a great party after the games have ended to celebrate the already phenomenal season either way! Go Beasts!

Up next

What: Home Tournament Divisions I & II

Date: Saturday, 11 August

Address: Judenacker 3, 4222 Zwingen

Schedule: TBD (coming soon!)


Go Beasts!



Practice: Outdoor practices are on Thursdays at 7pm  at Bachgraben. Cancelled practices due to weather will be posted right here no later than 12pm of each practice day.

Summer Practice, Outdoors

Time: 7:00pm (19:00)

When: Thursdays (April - September)

Address: Hegenheimermattweg 150, Allschwil


Winter Practice, Indoors

Time: 8pm (20:00)

When: Wednesdays (October - March)

Address: Emanuel Bücher Strasse 45, Basel


Top left: Randy, Preedee, Mike Z., John, Mark, Gabor, Mike M.

Mid left: Lucas, Alex

Bottom left: Manuela, Selene, Migle, Noémie, Hermine

Absent: Francesco, Natascha, Allison, Chris, Nick, Vishal, Wayne, Susan, Dani