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This Saturday, 21 April is our first division one tournament. Go Beasts!

Location: Obere Ey 2, 4657 Dulliken

Game Times: (Start Time, Visitor vs. Home)

10:00, Beasts vs. Orcas

13:00, Frogs vs. Beasts

15:00, Beasts vs. Toros

17:00, TruckStar vs. Beasts


The Beasts will pick up their outdoor practices again on April 19th at Bachgraben. Cancelled practices due to weather will be postet right here until 12pm of each practice day.

Summer Practice, Outdoors

Time: 7:00pm (19:00)

When: Thursdays (April - September)

Address: Hegenheimermattweg 150, Allschwil


Winter Practice, Indoors

Time: 8pm (20:00)

When: Wednesdays (October - March)

Address: Emanuel Bücher Strasse 45, Basel


Top left: Randy, Preedee, Mike Z., John, Mark, Gabor, Mike M.

Mid left: Lucas, Alex

Bottom left: Manuela, Selene, Migle, Noémie, Hermine

Absent: Francesco, Natascha, Allison, Chris, Nick, Vishal, Wayne, Susan, Dani