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Beasts hot streak continues

There was a big question before the Beasts played their second Division I tournament of the year: Would the Beasts be able to confirm their great start to the season? The answer is plane and simple: YES! The Beasts swept their second tournament in a row and lead Division I with a 8-0 record.


In the first game, the Beasts faced the Unicorns. The Beasts started off hot with 9 runs in the first two innings, but only two more in the next four. Fortunately that was enough to get the 11-6 win. The Orcas were the Beasts next opponents. Already after the second inning the Beasts had a +5 run lead and could play the rest of the game without any pressure. The once almighty Orcas lost that game clearly 16-6 and the Beasts went to a 6-0 record. The third game of the day might have been one of the best and interesting games the Beasts ever played. After the first inning with some runs (4-2 for the Toros), five innings followed with no runs on both sides. It took two more runs by the Toros for the Beasts to wake up at the plate in the bottom of the seventh and tie the game. After a scoreless eight, the game had to be decided in extra innings. The Toros put up some runs first on a sac fly and a two-run homerun. Those three runs didn't bring the Beasts down. With Mark Cortese and John Williams on base, Mike Margarucci tied up the game with a towering homerun to right center. With two runners on base, Rachel Hevey stayed calm at the plate and got the game winning run home on a single to left field. This 10-9 victory gave the Beasts a three game lead over the Toros in the standings. The last game of the day against TruckStar was quickly decided after two five run innings to start the game. The end verdict: 23-5. 


With those wins the Beasts showed the other teams that the Beasts are the team to beat this season if they want a shot at the title! Now its all about keeping the momentum going and focus for the next tournament on June 2nd. Go Beasts!

Top left: Rachel, Mike Z., John, Mark, Alex, Chris, Mike M

Bottom left: Lucas, Hermine, Selene

Up next

Saturday, June 2nd is our third (3 of 5) Division I tournament. Go Beasts!

Location: Rheinwaldstrasse 5, 79395 Neuenburg am Rhein, Germany

Game Times:

Time:     Away           Home              Umpire 

Field 1

09:00 Beasts      Frogs        Orcas

Field 2

10:30 Unicorns   Beasts        Truck Star

Field 1

12:00 Orcas      Truck Star Beasts

Field 2

12:00 Unicorns    Frogs Beasts

14:00 Truck Star  Beasts         Frogs

15:30 Beasts       Orcas         Unicorns


Practice: Outdoor practices are on Thursdays at 7pm  at Bachgraben. Cancelled practices due to weather will be posted right here no later than 12pm of each practice day.

Summer Practice, Outdoors

Time: 7:00pm (19:00)

When: Thursdays (April - September)

Address: Hegenheimermattweg 150, Allschwil


Winter Practice, Indoors

Time: 8pm (20:00)

When: Wednesdays (October - March)

Address: Emanuel Bücher Strasse 45, Basel


Top left: Randy, Preedee, Mike Z., John, Mark, Gabor, Mike M.

Mid left: Lucas, Alex

Bottom left: Manuela, Selene, Migle, Noémie, Hermine

Absent: Francesco, Natascha, Allison, Chris, Nick, Vishal, Wayne, Susan, Dani