The Beasts Evolution

The Basel Beasts franchise has existed since 2010. Started as a company softball team, founded by Chris Lawrence in Allschwil,  it has evolved into the present day Beast mode since 2014. The change to the Beasts marked a new start for an almost completely new team, outside of a company softball team. The 2019 season marks the sixth year the team is known as the Basel Beasts and its tenth year in the Swiss Softball Federation Slow-Pitch League. To date, the team's most successful seasons was in 2018 where it finished in first place in Division I and in second place in Division II. 


Top left: Jan, Preedee, Steve, Daniel, Juan, Mark, John, Alex, Mike Z, Chris, Gabor, Ivan

Middle right: Ben, Lucas, Don

Bottom left: Othilia, Angie, Selene, Grace, Rachel, Noémie, Francesco

Ground: (Cooper), Jason


Top left: Margaret, Thomas, Mike Z., John, Alex, Dani, Susan

Bottom left: Mark, Selene, Francesco, Drew

Absent: Preedee, Gabor, Mike M. Kohei, Lucas, Hermine, Noémie, Migle, Manuela, Nicolas, Wayne, Allison


Top left: Randy, Preedee, Mike Z., John, Mark, Gabor, Mike M.

Mid left: Lucas, Alex

Bottom left: Manuela, Selene, Migle, Noémie, Hermine

Absent: Francesco, Natascha, Allison, Chris, Nick, Vishal, Wayne


Top left: Sunwoo, Chris, Alex, Gabor, Wayne, Preedee

Bottom left: Nick, Selene, Noémie, Vishal, Migle, Manuela

Absent: Francesco, Lucas, Mike, Michael, Natascha


Top left: Steve, Wayne, Chris, Alex, Gabor, Mike

Bottom left: Manuela, Selene, Jennifer, Francesco, Lucas


Top left: Mirjam, Wayne, Chris, Selene, Alex, tbd, Diogo

Bottom left: Francesco, Maura, Jennifer, Laz