The Beastycorns started out as a team collective between the Beasts and the Unicorns. The Unicorns got an invitation for a pentecost slowpitch tournament in 2015 but didn't have enough players to enter it. For this reason the Unicorns asked the Beasts for help. Hence, five Unicorns and four Beasts drove to the slowpitch tournament in Ingolstadt. During the tournament the idea came up to name the collective the Beastycorns. This is how the road team was born.


The biggest success for the Beastycorns yet came in the Giants tournament in Hengelo, Netherlands. The Beastycorns were able to win the tournament with a 9-1 record in September 2016.


After two more or less successful seasons the team decided to not play fastpitch softball in the 2018 season. 

The First Beastycorns

Wayne MacFadden, Manuela Ulrich, Susan Seiler, Alex Leemann, Dani Seiler

Nicolas Fattinger, Miguel Vasquez, Sandy Schafroth, Selene Hänggi