Results 2018

Division I, TruckStar, Dulliken

The Beasts started off the new season formidable. In the first tournament of the season the beasts beat the Orcas (10-8), the Frogs (15-4), the Toros (17-15) and TruckStar (14-0). This 4-0 record marks two milestones in the Beasts existence. Firstly, it is the first time that the Beasts were able to finish a tournament without a loss.  Secondly, the Beasts are leading the league for the the first time. One of the best things about the wins is that the four new players that saw some action on Saturday were all able to contribute and integrate perfectly into the team. The Beasts will look to keep the momentum going in the next Division I tournament on May 5th in Hünenberg. Go Beasts! 

April 21th 2018 Division I
 Away Score Score Home
Toros 14  10  TruckStar
Beasts I 10 Orcas
TruckStar 11  17 Frogs
Toros 17 18  Orcas
Frogs 15 Beasts I
TruckStar 12  13  Orcas
Beasts I 17  15  Toros
Orcas 17  10  Frogs
TruckStar 14  Beasts I
Frogs 21  Toros

DreitannenCup, Olten

Beasts win it all!!!

The Beasts' started their 2018 campaign with the annual DreitannenCup in Olten on Saturday night. The Beasts started of the tournament great with a 8-0 victory against the Flyers. The next game against a previously unknown opponent, the Hunters from Thun, was a little bit closer, but the Beasts were still able to pull it of and win 6-2. The third game against the home team TruckStar was a little bit easier than the previous matchups against them last year. The Beasts won it 12-2. Those victories let to a final between the only two teams who both won their previous three games, the Beasts and the Orcas. The finale couldn't have been more thrilling. Some great defensive plays and a three run homerun by Mike M. secured the 4-3 victory over the Orcas. The Beasts really outdid themselves that Saturday night. After a fifth, fourth and third place, the Beasts finally won the DreitannenCup! Congratulations!

Top left: Mike M., John, Gabor, Hermine, Preedee, Melissa

Bottom left: Daniel, Alex, Selene, Care, Cesar