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To qualify for season leader in AVG, OBP, SLG, or OPS a player must have played in at least half the total games (national and international combined) for the Beasts in that season. If no player of that gender is qualified then all of that gender are qualified. 

Season Statistics 2021

The Beasts' season statistics were not captured during this most difficult pandemic year. We realize how important it is to keep track of statistics as it: helps individual growth; jogs memory of historical moments; shows trends; documents team and individual records; shows team commitment to the sport; and is simply fun for things like trivia!  So check back in next year for the 2022 season statistics as we get back on track!

Season Statistics 2020

See below for the Beasts' final player and team combined season and tournament stats:

Season Statistics 2019

Season Statistics 2018

Season Statistics 2017

Season Statistics 2016


  ##   Current Season Leader (Men) ##   Current Season Leader (Women)
  ## (in bold) = All-Time Single Season Leader (Men) ## (in bold)  = All-Time Single Season Leader (Women)
  GP = Games played RBI = Runs batted in
  PA = Plate appearances LOB =  Runners left on base when batter is out
  AB = At bats R = Runs scored
  H = Hits BB = Base on balls (walks)
  1B = Singles K = Strikeouts
  2B = Doubles AVG = Batting average
  3B = Triples OBP = On-base percentage
  HR = Home runs SLG = Slugging percentage
  TB = Total Bases OPS = OBP + SLG percentage