Results 2016

Halloween Cup, Dulliken

October 9th, 2016
 Away Score Score Home
Flyers L W Beasts
Beasts L W Unicorns
TruckStar A L W Beasts

The Beasts entered the Halloween Tournament with no expectations at all. The team was looking to just have fun and not to freeze for all too long :-) The Beasts really enjoyed the tournament that night, as everyone was dressed up for the occasion. The Beasts were able two win two out of three that night and take second place. It was only against the Unicorns were the Beasts didn't stand a chance. The Beasts are already looking forward to next years Halloween Tournament.

TruckStar Tournament, Dulliken

October 9th, 2016
 Away Score Score Home
Unicorns 5 9 Beasts
Beasts 10 2 TruckStar B
Toros 7 3 Beasts
Beasts 10 15 Orcas
Frogs 9 8 Beasts
Beasts 12 13 TruckStar A

The Beasts started out pretty well in the makeup tournament in Dulliken. The first two games clearly went to the Beasts. Neither the Unicorns nor TruckStar B were able to get their own bats going. The third game against the Toros was close until the fourth where the Toros were able to get three runs in. The Beasts weren't able to react anymore. Once again the Beasts were beaten by the Orcas. While the Beasts bat really well, the defense, one of the strong assets this season, looked bad for once. 


The fifth game turned out to be the mirror of the last game the Beasts played against the Frogs. While a month ago the Beasts won by one run, this time around it was the Frogs that were able to win by one single runner brought in. The last game of the day was against the host, TruckStar A. This game also proved to be the most exciting one. All came down to the last play in the last inning, when a runner from TruckStar was able to beat the throw home by a matter of a second. Again the Beasts lost a game by only one run. 


Overall it was a pretty decent tournament by the Beasts. The only thing missing was a little bit of luck and the Beasts might have won two or three more games. 

Top left: Wayne, John, Alex, Mike Z., Mike M., Lucas

Middle left: Manuela, Francesco, Selene, Iulia, Preedee

Bottom left: Benjamin

Beasts' Home Tournament, Zwingen

September 10th, 2016
 Away Score Score Home
Flyers 5 8 Beasts
Beasts 15 5 TruckStar
Beasts 8 11 Unicorns
Frogs 6 8 Beasts

The Beasts hosted their annual tournament on a beautiful day on September 10th. Starting off with a crucial win in the first game against the Therwil Flyers, the Beasts kept on playing really solid and ended the day with a 3-1 record.


The first game was close with a lot of lead changes until the bottom of the fourth were a 2-run triple set the path for the first win over the Flyers in over a year. The second game against TruckStar, who the Basel Beasts tied the first two times this summer, was a rollercoaster of emotions. A couple of errors in the infield toyed with the Beasts emotions for a while, but after a homerun by Mark Cortese in the top of the fourth, the Beasts went on to sail to a clear 15-5 victory. On a positiv note the newly acquired player Hermine Bertrand, who gave her debut on Saturday, went 3 for 3 with a double and two singles. The Beasts bats went silent in the first three innings against the Unicorns with only 2 hits and no runs. Quickly the Beasts had to face a 11-3 deficit after five innings. The Beasts response with a five run fifth wasn't enough to overcome the Unicorns, what led to a 11-8 defeat. The final game of the day was nothing for weak nerves and people with a heart condition. None of the teams were able to get a big lead. In the bottom of the fifth the game was tied when Vishal Ranjan lead off with a walk followed by a double by Mark Cortese. Both base runners were able to score on a sacfly by John Williams that lead to a 8-6 victory over the Frogs. 


Overall the Beasts played a solid tournament on Saturday and were only a bit shy of winning it all.


On a sad note, the Basel Beasts lost their leadoff player on Saturday. Vishal Ranjan played his last tournament for the Basel Beasts as he is retiring from the Slowpitch Softball in Switzerland. He will be truly missed. 

Top left: John, Benjamin, Mike, Marc, Allison, Alex, Chris, Gabor

Bottom left: Hermine, Vishal, Selene, Lucas

Toros Tournament, Hünenberg

July 10th, 2016
 Away Score Score Home
Beasts 10 11 Frogs
Beasts 12 3 Unicorns
Truck Star I 4  4 Beasts
Beasts 3 5 Orcas
Toros 5 7 Beasts

Practice Game vs. Frogs, June 30th 2016

The Beasts invited the Sissach Frogs to a practice game on Thursday night on their home turf. Both teams arrived with a big number of players and therefore changed a lot during the games. The first game was taken clearly by the Frogs 13 to 4. The Beasts weren't able to get their bats going. On the bright side, the defense looked pretty solid with only a couple of errors. The second game had to be aborted in the top of the fourth as the groundskeeper closed down the field. At that time, the Beasts' bat finally got going big time as they were leading the Frogs 14 to 1. All in all the games were a lot of fun with opportunities for every player to try out new positions and having at bats without pressure. After the games both teams stuck around for quite some time and enjoyed a nice summer evening. Looking forward to do this again! 

Devils Tournament, Wil

June 25th, 2016
 Away Score Score Home
Beasts 13 4 Toros
Truck Star 2 13 Beasts
Beasts ppd.rain   Devils

The Beasts finally got to play their first games this season in Wil. The new members of the Beasts (Allison, John, Mike and Mark) instantly proved to be a big help in the Beasts lineup. After a shaky start the Beasts were able to beat the Toros 13 to 4  for their first win of the season. The second game was the strongest outing by the Beasts yet. In an all around great effort, the Beasts beat TruckStar 13 to 2. The last game of the day was a close affair with a 2:2 after two innings. It was only in the top of the third when the Beasts showed off their full potential. The score was run up to 8 to 2 with two runners on base and no outs when a thunderstorm hit and the rest of the game had to be cancelled. The last game will eventually be valued ppd.rain. Overall the Beasts had a great first tournament, already looking forward to confirm their effort in the next one.

Top left: Mike Z., Preedee, Alex, John, Mark

Mid left: Allison, Selene, Migle

Bottom left: Mike M., Francesco, Vishal, Lucas

Truck Star DreiTannenCup, Olten

March 5th, 2016
 Away Score Score Home
Flyers 6 0 Beasts
Beasts 9 2 Devils/Vikings
Beasts 6 3 Truck Star
Orcas 7 0 Beasts

The Beasts, supported by two Unicorns, won two out of four in the DreiTannenCup in Olten. While the fielding was great, also thanks to our MVP John, the overall hitting wasn't at its best. Especially the ceiling took away a couple of pretty good hits. Overall we had a fun night and compared to last year, improved by one rank. The Beasts ended up in third place right behind the Flyers and in front of the Devils/Vikings, that both also had two wins. We are already looking forward to next year's DreiTannenCup.

The Beasts MVP


John Williams

Orcas Indoor Tournament, Rümlang

February 28th, 2016


A strongly decimated Beast team set out for their first tournament of the 2016 season, an indoor event hosted by the Orcas. The gameplay was completely new for the Beasts as it was really fast-going, tricky and required a good portion of luck to get ahead. 

The Beasts were able to take first two games against Tuck Star II and the Unicorns, but had a tough loss against the Toros. For the last three games the Beasts had to face off with local teams. Quickly the Beasts had to realize, that there wasn't much to win against teams that have been playing this game for a couple of years. Still the whole day and the experience were great and the few present Beasts had quite a lot of fun!