TruckStar Division II, Dulliken

October 7th 2017 Division I
 Away Score Score Home
TruckStar B     Beasts II
Unicorns     Grey Orcas
Grey Orcas     TruckStar B
Beasts II     Unicorns
TruckStar B     Unicorns
Beasts II     Grey Orcas

Toros Division I, Hünenberg

September 30th 2017 Division I
 Away Score Score Home
Toros     TruckStar
Frogs     Orcas
Beasts I     Toros
TruckStar     Orcas
Frogs     Beasts I
Orcas     Toros
TruckStar     Frogs
Orcas     Beasts I
Toros     Frogs
Beasts I     TruckStar

Beasts Division I & II, Soyhières

August 19th 2017 Division I
 Away Score Score Home
Frogs 12 4 Beasts I
Toros 16 TruckStar
Beasts I 0 19 Orcas
Frogs     TruckStar
Orcas 6 9 Toros
TruckStar 5 17 Beasts I
Toros 13 6 Frogs
TruckStar 5 20 Orcas
Beasts I 10 8 Toros
Orcas 15  14 Frogs
August 19th 2017 Division II
 Away Score Score Home
Beasts I 7 11 Unicorns
TruckStar 4 17 Flyers
Flyers 13 0 Beasts I
TruckStar 5 16 Unicorns
Unicorns 7 1 Flyers
Beasts I 9 2 TruckStar

The Beasts hosted their annual home tournament in Soyhières on Saturday. For the first time a Swiss team hosted a Division I and II tournament at the same day. The Division I team started off pretty poorly into the day losing 12-4 to the Frogs and 19-0 to the Orcas. Especially the last game was a wakeup call for the Beasts and lead to a great afternoon. First the Beasts were able to beat TruckStar 17-5. The last game of the day was a nail biter. The Beasts were down 8-2 after five innings but were able to score four in each of the next two frames to take the lead. In the bottom of the seventh the Toros loaded the bases with one out but then lined out to third baseman Chris Lawrence and later on flew out to Drew Sussot in centerfield to secure the win for the Beasts. Despite the lack of some of the Beasts best players, the team was able to play some great ball after the rocky start. All the players stepped up and came together as a team. The Beasts are now one game out of second place before the last tournament of the year. 

The Beasts also played in the Division II. The team was compiled from some regular players and four first-timers who really came through and were able to contribute. The first game was a good start for the team. Even though it was a 11-7 loss to the Unicorns, there were some great hits and some awesome defensive plays. Later on the Flyers (who's outfield was stacked with Toros players) got the 13-0 win against the Beasts. The last game of the day was pretty awesome for the young and inexperienced Beasts II team. All the players got at least one hit and almost no errors were committed. This great performance led to a 9-2 win over TruckStar.

The home tournament proved to be a great success for the Beasts. The weather held up, no injuries, no arguments and all the teams had fun and liked our new location in Soyhières. Looking forward to next year.

Back: Sandro, Reto, Reto, Chris, Simone, Caroline

Middle: Preedee, Gabor, Selene, Mike, Susan, Noémie, Hermine

Bottom: Nick, Drew, Maggie, Ryan

Ground: Francesco, Alex, Dani

Buttermaker Cup, Freising, D


August 6th-7th, 2016
 Away Score Score Home
  Round Robin  
Beastycorns 17 14 Hörsaal 13
Racoons 7 12 Beastycorns
Beastycorns 13 10 Northern Visitors
Disciples 4 8 Beastycorns
Beastycorns 10 12 Toros
  Game for place 3  
BBQ 89ers 0 7 Beastycorns

The Beastycorns entered the Buttermaker Cup once again in Freising last weekend. After the fifth place last year, the team was looking to improve itself to a better placement out of the 16 teams.


In the round robin the Beastycorns faced of with three time tournament winner Hörsaal 13, the Raccoons and the Northern Visitors. The team started of great against Hörsaal and took a surprising 17 to 6 lead in the top of the fifth inning. The game still ended up being really close as Hörsaal scored eight runs in the bottom of the fifth and put two runners on base before Miguel Vasquez was able to get the force out at 3rd to secure the win. The second game against the Raccoons probably was the weakest performance by the team committing many errors. Still, the team was able to get the win. The Northern Visitors made life very difficult for the Beastycorns in the last round robin game. The team was trailing the Visitors 9 to 4 after the fifth, when last inning was called. The Beastycorns somehow managed to score a total of nine runs in that last inning and play great defense to get the third W in a row and win their division. 


In the Quarterfinals the Beastycorns matched up with the Disciples, a team they already had to face one year ago. As in 2016 the team was able to win the game 8 to 4 and march on into the Semis where they had to go against a well know Swiss team, the Toros. The game was an up and down, but unfortunately, the Beastycorns came up short. The Toros took  a 12 - 9 lead in the bottom of the fourth and the Beasts were only able to get one more run in the last frame. That loss sent the Beastycorns in the "Small" Final for 3rd place against the BBQ 89ers. While the bats didn't get as hot as in the other games, the defense was flawless for once by not allowing a single run and only three hits. 


Overall the Beastycorns can be really happy and proud of their effort. The team won five out of six and only lost to the other Swiss team who, later on, won the final. On a very positive note, their was not one player who stood out over the rest of the team. It was the whole team that contributed to that 3rd place and stepped it up. For sure the Beastycorns will go back to Freising next year and try to win the whole thing.

Upper left: Mike Z, John, Alex, Holger, Mike M., Maggie

Bottom left: Gabor, Susan, Dani, Selene, Mark, Miguel

Orcas Division I, Zürich

June 18th 2017
 Away Score Score Home
Frogs 12 14 Beasts I
TruckStar A 10  12 Toros
Orcas 17 8 Frogs
Beasts I 8 Toros
TruckStar A 9 26 Orcas
Toros 7 2 Frogs
Toros 14 16 Orcas
Beasts I 7 8 TruckStar A
Frogs 8 12 TruckStar A
Orcas  12 1 Beasts I

Frogs Division I, Sissach

May 27th 2017
 Away Score Score Home
Frogs 8 Beasts I
TruckStar A 5  13 Toros
Orcas 8  Frogs
Beasts I 10  8 Toros
TruckStar A Orcas
Toros 16  3 Frogs
Beasts I 13 5 TruckStar A
Toros  14 5 Orcas
Frogs 16   13 TruckStar A
Orcas  12 8 Beasts I

The Beasts played back to back tournaments this weekend. The team played its second Division I tournament of the season in Sissach on Saturday. On Sunday the Beasts played a Division II tournament in Therwil.


The Beasts, who prior to that tournament were in third place, defeated the Frogs in the first game 8-7. The win came in a walk-off fashion. Down by one run in the bottom of the seventh inning John Williams #7 batted in Alex Leemann #13 with a double and scored himself one at bat later by a double by Mark Cortese #16. This victory marks the third straight time the Beasts defeated the Frogs by one run. The second game brought a long overdue victory. It's the first time that the Beasts were able to beat the Toros in over one year. The Win was locked down by an game ending double play by Mark Cortese #16 and Mike Zimmerman #00. After two loses against TruckStar in the last two tournaments the Beasts were finally able to win again. Mike Zimmerman #00 shined with four, Maggie Kelly #15 and Dani Seiler #75 each with three big hits to secure the 13-5 win. In the last game the Beasts weren't able to get the fourth straight win of the day. The team fell to the Orcas 12-8 due to a couple of errors and an offense that didn't get as hot as in the games before. 


Overall the Beasts can be pretty happy with the tournament they played by going 3-1 and ending up in second place just one game short off the Toros who lead the league with a 6-2 record.


Two tournaments in a row proved to be a big handicap for the Beasts. Although the team scored a total of 37 runs, the defense wasn't as sharp as it has been before. Under the burning hot sun the Beasts lost two games against the Flyers in extra innings, both times 13-12. The only victory of the day came against the Devils. The Beasts defeated them 13-7. 

Top left: Maggie, Alex, John, Mike, Susan, Dani, Mark

Bottom left: Dean, Selene, Ryan, Gabor

Unicorns Division II, Hünenberg

May 6th 2017
 Away Score Score Home
Unicorns 14 12 Orcas
Flyers 17 Beasts II
Beasts II 17 10 Unicorns
Flyers 9 14 Orcas
Orcas 16 14  Beasts II
Unicorns ppd.rain  ppd.rain  Flyers

The Beasts played their first Division II tournament in Hünenberg on Saturday. The Beasts cruised to an easy win against the Flyers in their first game. The team scored a total of a season high 17 runs in seven innings allowing just six runs. The second game of the day against the host Unicorns was close until the Beasts scored five runs in the fifth to get a decisive lead. The Beasts were able to score a total of an impressive ten runs in two innings with two outs.  The last game of the day proved to be the most challenging one. Not only did it start to rain but the Orcas were on fire with a total of 23 hits and 16 runs scored. The Beasts had a chance to tie the game in the last inning with the tying run at the plate. Unfortunately the Orcas were able to throw the runner out at first to end the game and win it 16-14. Over all the Beasts played a very good tournament collecting 61 hits, 48 runs and batting a .604 as a team. 

TruckStar Division I, Dulliken

April 23rd 2017
 Away Score Score Home
TruckStar A 12 9 Frogs
Orcas  6 11  Beasts I
Toros 8 9 TruckStar A
Frogs 4  Beasts I
Orcas 7 12 Toros
Beasts I  5 11  TruckStar A
Frogs 15 12 Orcas
Beasts I  8  11 Toros
TruckStar A 12 9 Orcas
Toros 12 5 Frogs

The Beasts entered their first Division I tournament on Sunday in Dulliken. The Beasts got a great jump against the Orcas scoring ten runs in the first two innings. After that the Beasts were able to hold on to the lead and securing their first win of the season and their first win against the Orcas in over two years 11-6. The second game proved to be a real nail-biter. The Beasts were trailing the Frogs until the bottom of the sixth 3-1 when John #7 tied the game with a two-run double to left center. The Frogs led of the tie-breaker with a single and moving their runner two third. Great defense by the Beasts prevented the runner to come home. The Beasts won the game by a game winning double by Dani #75, batting in Mike Zimmermann #00. The afternoon didn't work out as planed for the Beasts. The game against TruckStar was overshadowed by a big argument about a new rule which led to ten minute delay. TruckStar eventually won the game 11-5 as the Beasts weren't able to get the hits. The Beasts looked sharper again in their last game against the Toros. The Beasts were able to get ahead and keeping the game even until the bottom of the sixth where the Toros blasted a three run homerun to pull ahead and eventually win the game 11-8. 

Over all the Beasts played a solid first tournament with a total of five (!) new players (Thomas #14, Margaret #15, Drew #69, Dani #75, Susan #99) who all integrated greatly right away. After the first game day the Beasts are in third place behind TruckStar (4-0) and the Toros (3-1) and in front of the Frogs (1-3) and Orcas (0-4).