Tournament reports 2019

Chicken Skin Classic, Vienna, AUT

Vienna, June 1/2 2019: The team headed out to Vienna for the weekend to compete in the Chicken Skin Classic, hosted by the Diving Ducks. In comparison to previous international tournaments and the two Swiss leagues, the team consisted of a mix of players from the various Beasts team. Most Players hadn't played before this Season, some never played the positions they were in and most hadn't played together at all so far. Therefore, we didn't really know what to expcet.


The team faced off against the Legal Aliens, PGS (2x) and the Disciples (2x) during the tournament. The Beasts were able to beats the Disciples both times, but lost to the other teams. On the bright side, the losses were close and interesting games. The difference in those games was ultimatley due to a few mistakes too much and a few hits too Little.


Nonetheless, the team had a great time at the Tournament, enjoyed the great weather, cold brews and very nice people. The team will be back next year :-) Go Beasts!

 Away Score Score Home
Beasts 9 14 Legal Aliens
Haar Disciples 3 20 Beasts
PGS 11 8 Beasts
Beasts 5 7 PGS
Haar Disciples 8 12 Beasts

Top left: John, Alex, Mike Z., Jason, Ben, Martin

Bottom left: Gabor, Laura, Luis